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About Alestra Marketing

Each client and project is unique, but our integrated philosophy and approach is always key to the success of the initiative at hand.  At Alestra Marketing we combine traditional PR and Sales and Marketing strategies with Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Social Media and Search, transforming static news into conversations and bypassing media to speak directly to your target audience online.  Rather than simply sharing your story, we CREATE dialogue and connect in a more meaningful way by providing content that provides VALUE.

"Goodbye Silo's-Hello, Cross-Promotion"

Today's Sales and Marketing model doesn't allow for silos.  Content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, customer service and sales are all blended into one integrated solution.  

Alestra Marketing is a strategic marketing firm that provides a unique blend of sales and marketing services. We can serve as your entire marketing department, or fill just a piece of the marketing puzzle.  

Either way, our focus is on helping B2B and B2C companies generate revenue and growth through intelligent strategy, messaging, public relations, digital marketing, branding, and lead generation and nurturing.

We do this by first helping the Marketing team craft and deliver messaging that resonates with the market and then, creating an environment in which Sales has what it needs to sell.  

Sales, Meet Marketing

How can we help you better align your sales and marketing initiatives?

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